Welcome to ActionOnSports.com!

This is our internet branch -- our telephone wagering branch is called EZ-BET.

We are a licensed, well established sportsbook located in San Jose, Costa Rica -- operating since 1996 and advertising daily under the Roxy Lines in the sports section of The Toronto Sun.

  • Canadian dollar accounts.
  • Las Vegas style wagering and odds

Accounts can be funded in the conventional manner, however most of our customers do not deposit money in advance.


  1. Request that we get a hold on your credit card for a specific amount.
  2. This amount becomes your credit line.

As holds freeze the requested amount for 5 business days, your credit remains for the same period after which you simply request that we get another hold.

If you break even or win on a day's plays. your credit card is not charged. Your card is only charged if there is a net loss on your account after a day's plays.

Of course, if you prefer, we also offer typical post-up accounts (money deposited in advance).

We take the security of your private information very seriously. Since we started, and in over 10 years, there has not been one case of compromised personal information or improper use of credit card information.

Please call 1-800-770-0270 for further information.